11 Tips on what you can wear to your engagement photo session.

These can also be applied to all other photo sessions.

01. Think about the location you are going to have your photos taken. Base your clothing on your scenery. Is it a downtown location? Use darker or richer colors or dressing a bit more casual. Also layering clothing photographs very well. Or you can go the complete opposite and go formal (like SJP in Sex in the City). Is it at the beach? Thank about the wind blowing and go for a long formal dress that will blow in the wind.

02. Your partner should match you in formality and wear clothing that compliment your outfit.

03. Dress for your body type. Things that tie in at the waist are the most flattering to a women’s body.

04. When it comes to trends think twice about choosing an outfit that is in the “now”. Go with an outfit that is timeless, beautiful, and classic. You want to love your photos 10+ years from now.

05. Watch out for the type of material you are shopping for. Look for a dress that moves with you.

06. Look in magazines or online for inspiration. While you are at it, look at the model’s surroundings and compare the clothing to their surroundings.

07. For the men! Make sure your clothing fits you correctly. Loose or tight fitting clothing will look unflattering in photos.

08. Don’t have a clue of what colors to wear for your engagement photos? While I prefer solid or light colored clothing which tends to reflect best in natural light, you can coordinate with your wedding color scheme!

09. Make sure your fabric is not see through. You don't not want your undies to show through your clothing. On that note, wear the proper size and color undergarments. Nude of flesh tone colored undergarments will blend seamlessly against your skin and clothing. White will reflect off your skin and show through even under white!

10. If you are wearing anything that has skinny straps at the shoulder, wear a strapless bra. Bra straps in photos are not flattering and are very hard to edit out.

11. And remember, this photo session is all about you. Now is that chance to get fancy and have fun!

07 Tips on how you can get ready for your photo session with me!

These are some tips you can follow, they are not mandatory by any means. I am also a cosmetologist, so I figured I can share a few things that can help you look extra amazing in your photos.

01. SKIN CARE: it is a good idea to start a skin regimen a couple of weeks before your shoot. Go to your favorite makeup store and ask what best skin regimen fits for your skin type. This will help your skin look flawless and youthful and ready for your close up! I recommend you start this daily routine a couple of weeks before your session to let you skin adjust.

02. MAKEUP: choose the foundation that matches your skin tone. A foundation that does not match your skin can leave a line of demarcation that resembles a mask. You might not see it in the mirror, but in photos it will be magnified and be very noticeable. Also, blend your foundation down the neck line for even coverage. 

03. HAIR: if your hair is colored, now is a good time to get the regrowth touched up (root touch up).

04. NAILS: get your nails done that day before your photo session (Especially if you are rocking that new shinny engagement ring!).

05. Get plenty of rest the day before, especially if you are taking photos with your little ones. Kids can become cranky and antsy when they are ready for a nap. Trust me, easier said than done! HAHA 

06. Eat before you come to your photo session to avoid that HANGRY feeling.

07. Since we live in the Sunshine State, you are more than welcome to bring water and snacks. In fact, I encourage it. After I finish a session out in the hot sun, I become parched and I am always grateful I brought along a water bottle.