Phew, where do I start? Well, this is Katelyn, my future sister in law from my husband's side. A bit of back story without giving to much away, I am going to be very vague in the details. Katelyn found herself in a rather sad yet common situation during her wedding planning and did not have the support or anyone to go with her dress shopping. So what to do? Well, her best friend and I stepped up to the plate and went with Katelyn to David's Bridal to help her find her dream dress! I think we all knew which one was THE DRESS without her even trying it on ha ha. However, we let the bride take her time and go through some potential winners but ultimately her fairy tale came true when she tried on a white ball gown organza made by Vera Wang and fell in love (hint, the dress her best friend and I knew was THE ONE). Her favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, so when she said she felt like Belle we all knew that this was THE DRESS!

Going shopping for your wedding dress is a big deal and you should make a big deal about it. Let me accompany you to your wedding dress appointment and I will document one of the most (of many) exciting times of your life. Wedding planning can be stressful, but it can also be fun! Think of this as your own runway photo shoot and you are the star! Contact me for a quote and let's make this happen!