"Hey Katelyn, do you want to go to Disney Springs?" Katelyn: "uhm, yes!" Me: "Let me grab my camera and lets go."

Now that Katelyn is my sister in law, we both share our love for all things Disney. Disney Springs is where we like to go to unwind and have lunch at our favorite pizza place, Blaze Pizza.

We started our day with window shopping followed by lots and lots of photos hahaha. She loves it and I am grateful for it. My mission was to find Sunshine Churros where they offered a variety of churro flavors. They had watermelon, Fruity Pebbles, Oreo, strawberry cheesecake and more. But before we went on that quest we had to have lunch! And what better place than Blaze Pizza wher you can customize your pizza to your liking. We sat down, exchanged life stories and off we went to find my churros! We both picked the same flavor, Fruity Pebbles and off we went ot go back home to our hubbies who missed us while we were gone.