This wedding shower gives me all the feels! I have never been to a wedding shower like this one. Definitely the best one I have been to. Let me tell you a little about the day. As you arrive to the venue I was greeted by smiling and very inviting faces. Now, I have only known one of the bride's sister, Roopa for a few years but through her I have met the most caring family you can encounter. They are kind, loving, warm, and so inviting. They make you feel part of their family. When you walk in, there was this air of excitement for the bride, Poonam. There were lots of variation of Indian food, and as you see a donut theme to the party overall. So cute right?! The bride had mini mason jars filled with homemade body scrubs with scents of vanilla coffee and lavender, (I use mine once a week).

As the day went on, her fiance, Sahebjit came in as a surprised to the guest and bride. Once he arrived the games started! Laughs were heard, jokes were made, I got to learn more about the couple through these games and well, it was just a great time. My favorite game to watch was making a wedding dress out of toilet paper. Anyways, I had so much fun while I was there. Not once did I feel like I was there for work, I was there for fun. What I do has never felt like work to me, but on this day I felt like a part of their close friends and family.