As the title indicate, little miss Leyla Rose turns 6 months old. As a mom of a 2 year old, I can understand the parents of Leyla wanting to preserve this special milestone. Having our own child turning 6 months old can signify so much. To me, with my son it was celebrating half a year, finally sitting up alone, eating solids (mine was a late bloomer), and knowing the that fact that as a mother you have made it this far without an instruction manual on how to raise a child!

While I was photographing Leyla, I saw how her parents just looked at her with so much pride and joy for their little girl. Well, not just their little girl, you see Leyla Rose is their very first child. I can easily recognize the look in their eyes, because I have been their myself and still am as I watch my own son grow up. It's bitter sweet being a parent, sweet because you love this child with everything you have within you, and bitter because they grow up so fast. Someone please pass me a box of tissues!